Year 4 Home Learning 7.12.20

Dear Year 4.

I hope you are all well and look forward to seeing you soon. Here is your Home Learning for this week.

English task 1: 

  1. Read the start of chapter 2 of the Christmas carol .  How has the writer created suspense (made it exciting)? How is Scrooge feeling? Why did you infer this?
  2. Write sentences explaining what you thought he was feeling and why you have inferred this using evidence from the text as well as your own experiences and knowledge. Follow the example below.






























English task 2:

Read the next part of chapter 2 then come up with your own ideas as to what Scrooge and Marley might have said and write this as a piece of dialogue using:

-speech marks

-synonyms for said



English task 3 and 4:














Retell this section using:

-powerful adjectives

-action verbs and adverbs to build suspense.

– dialogue to show what the character said to each other.























Maths day 1: Multiply and divide by 3

TASK 1:  Multiply-by-3

TASK 2: Divide-by-3

Maths day 2:

TASK: The-3-times-table

Maths day 3

TASK: Multiply-and-divide-by-6

Maths day 4

TASK: 6-times-table-and-division-facts

Maths day 5 (video should come soon otherwise use repeated addition to help)

Teaching slides: Multiply-and-divide-by-9

TASK: Y4-Autumn-Block-4-WO9-Multiply-and-divide-by-9-2019














Working Conditions comprehesnion in Victorian Times