Year 4 Home Learning 30.11.20

Dear Year 4

I hope you are all well. Here is this week’s home learning.

Miss Balmer


Lesson 1:

Y4 task: Multiply-by-10 (CLICK HERE)

Lesson 2:

Y4 task 2-Multiply-by-100 (CLICK HERE)

Lesson 3:

Y4 task3- Divide-by-10 (CLICK HERE)

Lesson 4:

Y4 task 4- Divide-by-100 (CLICK HERE)



English: Click on the pictures for a clearer image.




















































Find 4 phrases in the examples that you think are effective? Why are they effective?

Independent task: 

Write your own 

character description of Ebenezer Scrooge

Use the word bank below to help












Watch this link about Dr Barnado who was a Victorian man who made life better for many children.  Make notes while you watch.

Using your notes, create:

  • A diary entry as one of the children he helped-  Make sure you include what he did and how it helped you and other children at the time.
  • OR
  • A Non Chronological report about Dr Barnado using these subheading: Who he was, Ragged schools and Why he is significant (OR what impact he had on Victorian society.)