Year 4 Home learning 28.9.20

Hi Year 4

Here is the Home Learning for this week.  I will be putting work on this blog each week for any children who are unable to come into school at the moment.


Click here and watch the teaching video 4


Click here and watch the teaching video 5


Click here and watch teaching video 1


Click here and watch teaching video 3




Story openings  

  1. Read this example of a story opening. 


-5 fronted adverbials

-4 powerful adjectives

– 3 synonyms for said











     2. Have  a go at writing your own version of the story opening in ‘ The Frog prince continued’.

Character description

Use adjectives, adverbs and similes to describe the witch’s:

-appearance (what does she look like?)

-actions (what is she doing?)

-personality(what is she like as a person?)

  1. Record your ideas on a mindmap like this:








2) Now put your ideas into 6 amazing sentences



Click on the BBC links below to start learning about our digestive system then complete the quizzes.

Mouth –

Stomach –

Intestines –

Now, write a story explaining what happens to a piece of food after it has gone into our mouth.


Explain what happens to food in your own words.

This video will give you even more information