Year 4 Home learning 23.11.20

Hello Year 4

I hope you are all well and managing to keep learning at home.

Here is this week’s learning


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Lesson 4:


English: Day 1 and 2

Remind yourself of the story then write a news report about Jemmy’s arrival in England

Writing your news report

1.Come up with your own headline for a news report about Jemmy button arriving in the city. Make it quick and snappy.

2. Write an introduction for your news article about Jemmy’s arrival in London briefly answering the 5ws – When, who, where, what, why.

3. Paragraph 1- Start telling the story of  Jemmy’s journey and  his arrival in more detail using the following sentence starters:

It has been reported that….

It has been explained….

It has been suggested that….

4. Paragraph 2 – Write a paragraph which includes a quote from Jemmy and a quote from a witness who saw Jemmy when he first arrived.

e.g. local residents reported being shocked at this unusual sight. “I was on my way to the market and I saw the most flabbergasting sight. A naked child wandering across London Bridge!” reported local woman Elizabeth Jones.


  1. Read this information about work houses which existed during Victorian times and create a mind map to show what you have found out. You can write notes and draw pictures.


2. Now use these facts to write a persuasive letter to the government of the time, asking them to close workhouses.

Here is a letter frame to help you write the letter if you do not have many ideas.

Persuasive Letter frame

Here are some persuasive sentence openers to use as well:

In my opinion….

Many people would agree that….

It is a sensible idea for…..

Some people think…., however…..