Year 4 Home learning 16.11.20

Hello Year 4

We are missing you but looing forward to seeing you back at school soon. Here is this week’s home learning.


Lesson 1:

Click HERE for your task: Equivalent-lengths-m-and-cm

Lesson 2:

Click HERE for your task-equivalent lengths mm and cm

Lesson 3:

Click HERE for your task-kilometres

Lesson 4:

Click here for your task- adding lengths



Write a persuasive letter to Jemmy’s parents telling them to either let Jemmy go with the visitors or to make him stay on the island.

Use:  -Rhetorical questions

– Give specific reasons for your opinion

-Conjunctions (although, despite, even though, because)


Here is the structure you should follow

Introduction: Say why you are writing and summarise your main point WITHOUT going into detail.

Paragraph 2: Give you first reason as to why he should or should not go with the visitors. Explain your reason in detail and give examples.

Paragraph 3: Give your 2nd reason why he should or should not go- explain your reason and give examples.

At the end, write ‘yours sincerely’ or ‘best wishes’ and sign your name.



Reading comprehension



















What are the features of newspaper articles?

What is the headline in the above news story?

What information is given in the introduction?

What quotes where included in the article?

Can you think of a caption that could be written underneath the picture?

Now start writing a newspaper article

  1. Come up with your own headline for a news report about Jemmy button arriving in the city. Make it quick and snappy.

2. Write an introduction for your news article about Jemmy’s arrival in London briefly answering the 5ws – When, who, where, what, why.

3. Paragraph 1- Start telling the story of  Jemmy’s journey and  his arrival in more detail using the following sentence starters:

It has been reported that….

It has been explained….

It has been suggested that….

4. Paragraph 2 – Write a paragraph which includes a quote from Jemmy and a quote from a witness who saw Jemmy when he first arrived.

e.g. local residents reported being shocked at this unusual sight. “I was on my way to the market and I saw the most flabbergasting sight. A naked child wandering across London Bridge!” reported local woman Elizabeth Jones.