Year 4 home learning 12.10.20

Good Morning Year 4

I hope you are all doing well. Here is the Home learning for this week if you are unable to come to school.

English: Watch the video of the story and work your through these learning tasks.

Click on the pictures for a clearer view. 

Task 1: Make inferences

What can the children see hear and smell? How do the feel.

Task 2: Use your senses and feeling words to complete this task










Task 3: Character description

Write 5 sentences describing Abdul Kazam using adjectives, verbs, adverbs and similes.

E.g.  Abdul Kazam’s golden eyes shine spectacularly like stars in the dark night sky.










Task 4:  Persuasive writing

Create an advert persuading people to come to Abdul Kazam’s show.











Maths: Click on the links to watch the teaching videos for each tasks

CLICK HERE to watch teaching video 5


CLICK HERE to watch teaching video 1


CLICK HERE and watch teaching videos 2 and 3


CLICK HERE and watch teaching video 4


Science: Sound

Click these links to learn how sound can  be made.

Investigate how the size of a drum (or bowl) affects the volume of sound.

How can you change the volume? Why do you think that is?

Record what you notice.