Working Scientifically

This week, Year 6 have been working scientifically by asking questions, making predictions and exploring how we can answer our questions.

We discussed how some footballers are better goal keepers than others and wondered why this is the case. It seems that some have a faster reaction time than others. We decided to investigate our reaction times by seeing how quickly we could catch a ruler when it was dropped from above us. By using a ruler we could measure exactly how long it took us to reacts.

We firstly needed to figure out the question we are actually trying to answer. Some of us questioned if we would improve over several attempts, others wondered if there would be a difference between using our left and right hands and one group even tested the difference between catching the ruler while wearing and not wearing glasses!

We did our best to conduct a fair test and record accurate results. Our results varied from group to group. Our next step is to write our conclusion after we analyse our results carefully.


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