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Activity 1

Activity 2


Activity 3

Activity 4


This week we will continue to focus on place value (the value of each digit in a number). You will be learning about 100s, 10s and 1s and finding numbers on a number line.

Click the link to watch the teaching videos here:


You will find the maths worksheets to match each lesson here:

Do what you can.

lesson 1 Y3-Autumn-Block-1-WO3-100s-10s-and-1s-1-2019

lesson 2 Y3-Autumn-Block-1-WO4-100s-10s-and-1s-2-2019

lesson 3 Y2-Autumn-Block-1-WO-Number-line-to-100-2020

lesson 4 Y3-Autumn-Block-1-WO5-Number-line-to-1000-2019

For mental maths, try doing the Daily 10 questions.

You can make it as easy or challenging as you want.




Our Science topic is – Food and our Bodies!

Last week we looked at the food groups which make up a balanced diet.

This week we are learning more about nutrients and ways certain nutrient groups can help our bodies to be healthy.

Watch this video first and then complete the activity.


Worksheet:  Nutrients 

Our Skeleton

Next watch these clips to find out more about your skeleton.

What are the main parts of our skeleton?

Why is our skeleton important?



Try is fun interactive game:


Complete the worksheet here: Our skeleton



Don’t forget you can access free books on the Oxford Owl website. I have set our class up with a login

Click the link here: https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/

Go to My Class login

User name: nccs3

Password: Normand

You can also choose one of these reading comprehensions about the amazing continent – Antarctica!

Amazing Antarctica

Amazing Antarctica (easy)



This week you can recap on silent letters by watching this video and do the activities:


You can also remind yourself of the rules for adding the suffix ed and ing here:



Don’t forget to do some physical activity to keep your mind and body healthy.

Join in this workout at home:


Finally, and most importantly, take some time out to relax and calm your mind. Try this mini meditation. There are lots more available if you like it.