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11th June 2018

Hello. This is a test post.

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Junior Citizenship Scheme

24th May 2018

Yesterday, Wednesday 23rd May, Year 6 went to Linford Christie Stadium to participate in the Junior Citizenship Scheme. We rotated through a range of activities on a wide variety of topics to help us be safe, helpful and healthy citizens of London: the police taught us about online safety and what to look out for if we see something dangerous like a robbery we learnt about bus and train safety from the Transport for London team London Fire Brigade helped us understand more about what to do in a fire and what types of things are fire hazards we learnt…

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Year 6 Science

9th May 2018

Year 6’s current Science topic is Let it Shine! We have been exploring the way light travels and how shadows are created. We have discovered that light travels in straight lines from its source and that when you place an opaque object in front of the light, it will block the straight line and create a shadow of the object. We also noticed through careful experimentation, that if you move an object closer to the light source, its shadow will be larger than if you move it further from the light source.   Following these discoveries, we watched the beginning…

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Digital leaders

23rd April 2018

Hello Normand Croft community! We are the brand new Digital Leaders. Our job is to learn all about the technology in our school so we can help others to learn about it too. We are working with Miss Tanner to organise the technology and look after it as well as coming up with new ideas of ways we can use technology in our learning. We are so excited about this special role and are proud of ourselves for being chosen to do it. We know that it involves so many of our school values such as respect, responsibility, trust, high…

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Antarctica presentation

20th April 2018

On Thursday 19th April, Year 6 had a visitor named Ann come to speak to us about her trips to Antarctica. She has visited the continent twice and travelled around to see all it has to offer. She was an excellent resource of information for us. We were able to see her pictures and ask many of the questions we had been wondering about. Here are some things we found out that interested us People can actually swim in the water there but only for 3 minutes because it is so cold. They wear their swimming costumes, not a wet…

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18th April 2018

This half term, Normand Croft’s shared value is unity. Year 6 discussed this as a class and what it means to us. We came up with a list of ways we can be unified in order to help our learning and happiness at school. In Year 6 we will show unity by … helping each other working in a team co-operating with others in a respectful way speaking kindly to one another sharing with others accepting people for who they are listening to each other using our time wisely and staying on task working together to meet our class targets

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Exploring Extreme Environments

16th March 2018

In our Geography unit ‘Exploring Extreme Environments’, Year 6 have begun learning about Antarctica and how Ernest Shackleton aimed to be the first person to walk across the whole of the continent even before anyone really knew how vast it was. We already know some information about Antarctica and that Shackleton’s expedition was not successful. We are looking forward to finding out more information about Antarctica, so we have posed some questions. How do you get to Antarctica? Is Antarctica 100% ice? How long can you survive there? Was it warmer there, when Shackleton explored, than it is now? Recently, in our lesson, we…

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Readers’ Cup Competition

16th March 2018

On Monday 12th March, some pupils from Year 6 participated in the Readers’ Cup against three other local schools. We had to read some books and answer questions about them. We had to practice for a long time and be ready to participate in the tournament. We knew the books really well by the time the competition came around. Before the competition a writer, Ally Sherrick, spoke to us about how she became a published author. The competition was exciting and nerve-wracking. Even though we didn’t win, it was still fun! Assad & Sara, Year 6​  

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Intra-school Basketball competition

26th February 2018

On Thursday 8th February, Year 5 and 6 had a competitive basketball tournament. In first place with a total of 15 points were the greens. In second place were yellows with 10 points and in third place were the blues with 5 points. Sadly, the reds came last with zero points. We had to show many sports value to impress our teachers with our skills so 3 people will be chosen to enter the inter-sports competition against other schools. Children that showed the 4 sports values were chosen to compete in the inter school basketball competition next week. The children…

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Year 6 Mastery

9th February 2018

In Year 6, we have been learning to master some important skills, which are important to us: tremendous transitions, legendary lining up, caring classmates, eyes on me, proud posture, wonderful walking, tracking the speaker and fantastic focus. We think that it is very important to show these values so everyone feels safe and happy at school. You won’t just make yourself proud, you will make others around you proud as well. You will officially be a scholar! Kenza and Alishea   In Year 6, we have been learning many skills which will help us to be perfect year 6 students. Sometimes…

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