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Class 6 Home learning. Week beginning 19th October 2020

18th October 2020

Hi Class 6 I hope you are doing well. Here is some home learning for those of you who cannot come to school this week. Don’t forget to do some exercise while you’re at home Check out some of the Joe Wicks workouts on Youtube. MATHS We will be learning about adding and subtracting integers this week. Watch the video and complete the worksheet. Complete this worksheet in your homework book – Y6-Autumn-Block-2-WO1-Add-and-subtract-integers-2020 We will also be revising multiplying 2 digit by 2 digit numbers Y5-Spring-Block-1-WO3-Multiply-2-digits-by-2-digits-2019 ENGLISH Watch the video below to remind yourself about simple, compound and complex sentences. https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/to-revise-compound-sentences-c4t3jd?activity=video&step=1…

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Class 6 Home Learning – Week beginning 12th October 2020

11th October 2020

Hi Year 6 I am so sorry you can’t make it into school. Hopefully we will all see you soon. Here is your home learning for the week. ENGLISH This week we will be continuing our work on The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. We will be writing a setting description  of night the Highwayman came to deliver his promise to Bess. Do you remember the first verse? The wind was a torrent of darkness among the gusty trees.    The moon was a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy seas.    The road was a ribbon of moonlight over the purple moor,    And…

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Year 6 Home learning. Week beginning 5th October 2020

4th October 2020

Hi Year 6 Hopefully it wont be too long now that you will be back in school. We are all looking forward to seeing you and having you back. In the meantime here is your home learning for the week. Keep smiling.. PE Remember your daily workout MATHS Remember to keep up your mental maths skills Click HERE for some practice multiplication-tables-missing-numbers-activity-sheet-12x-table ENGLISH This week we will be studying the poem called the Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. Watch this video. Answer these questions in your homework book. Who are highwaymen? What kind of people do you think they were? What…

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Year 6 Home Learning – Week beginning 28th September 2020

29th September 2020

Hi Year 6 I hope you are all ok. Here is your home learning for the week. Remember keeping fit and healthy is important. Joe Wikes kept everyone fit and healthy during lock down. You can find all his old workouts online – just follow this link. MATHS Practice your 12 x multiplication with these sheets multiplication-tables-missing-numbers-activity-sheet-12x-table Continue to practice reading, writing and ordering numbers to 1 000 000. Click HERE reading-writing-big-numbers-3 to practice further and HERE place-value-riddles-5b to solve some riddles READING Remember to continue for at least 20 minutes a day COMPREHENSION Remember answering comprehension questions using PEE?…

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Year 6 Home learning Week beginning Monday 21st September 2020

20th September 2020

Hello Class 6 I know it must be very frustrating that you cannot attend school at the moment. We all miss you and hopefully we will see you soon. In the meantime, here is some work and some activities to keep your brain and body engaged and motivated. It is so important to keep up your fitness levels and this can be done even if you have to stay indoors. Here are some suggestions for waking up and getting ready for the day ahead! A good stretch is always a great way to start the day! Try Wake Up  or…

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Class 6 Home Learning. Week beginning Monday 22nd June 2020

19th June 2020

Hi Class 6. I hope you are all well and still smiling. It has been great to see some of you back in school and I hope to see you all soon. PE How are your dancing skills ? Why don’t you  learn this routine to keep yourself fit this week..   MATHS This week we are revising  fractions . Watch the videos and complete the follow up work.  CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-6/ CLICK HERE FOR THE WORKSHEETS – Y6-Lesson-1-Simplify-fractions-2019Y6-Lesson-2-Compare-and-order-fractions Y6-Lesson-2-Compare-and-order-fractions CLICK HERE FOR THE ANSWERS LESSON 1  Y6-Lesson-1-Answers-Simplify-fractions-2019 Y6-Lesson-2-Answers-Compare-and-order-fractions-r2   Can you complete these word problems? –…

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Class 6 Home Learning. Week beginning Monday 15th June 2020

13th June 2020

Hello Year 6! I hope I find you all well. Hopefully I will see you all in school soon – if not here is your home learning work for the week.   PE How about following this workout when we find that the sun is not shining or we can’t get out – can you learn the dance sequence? Click HERE to learn the house party moves   MATHS Here are some basic facts practice sheets T2-M-1462-Short-Division-Practice-Worksheet T2-M-4799-3digit-Column-Subtraction-Differentiated-Activity-Sheets_ver_2 Click HERE for some lessons for this week based on time involving football!   ENGLISH Listen to this story by Michael Morpurgo.…

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Take Part in Pyjamarama – Friday 1st May 2020

30th April 2020

This Friday, we are taking part in Pyjamarama – a nationwide reading event organised by The Book Trust. Spend the day in your pyjamas and take on different reading challenges and activities available on the Pyjamarama website. Take a look on the school’s Twitter feed to see some of the Normand Croft staff enjoying a book in their jammies… you may even spot a few pets reading too! Why not take a photo of you taking part and tweet us with it? Here is the Pyjamarama Festival schedule for the day… Have fun!

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To my wonderful class 6

27th April 2020

I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe. I am missing you all and I really hope I will see you all again soon. Just to remind you that there are some new  home learning packs ready for you to pick up from school. If you do not get a chance to collect them – don’t worry. Here are some useful websites you can try too. BBC bitesize daily lessons – https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/dailylessons are great. They cover lots of subjects and there are fun videos to watch too. If you do not have internet access you can press the…

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Working Scientifically

13th February 2019

This week, Year 6 have been working scientifically by asking questions, making predictions and exploring how we can answer our questions. We discussed how some footballers are better goal keepers than others and wondered why this is the case. It seems that some have a faster reaction time than others. We decided to investigate our reaction times by seeing how quickly we could catch a ruler when it was dropped from above us. By using a ruler we could measure exactly how long it took us to reacts. We firstly needed to figure out the question we are actually trying to answer.…

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