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Cambodian pen pals

8th November 2017

Last week, Class Three were very excited to receive their first letters from their pen pals who live in the Children’s Sanctuary orphanage in Cambodia. In computing this week, Class Three drafted emails to send back to their pen pals. They are looking forward to sending them and getting some replies!

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Travel Back in Time with C3 and C4

3rd November 2017

  Classes 3 and 4 went back 5000 years to the time of Egyptian pharaohs and mummies. We started the day as archaeologists, looking carefully at artefacts and considering what each one told us about Ancient Egypt. We met the goddess Isis, who told us the story of how her husband Osiris became the God of the Underworld. We also mummified a dead pharaoh (a stuffed crocodile!), decorated Pharaohs’ headdresses to wear, learnt how to draw hieroglyphics in the playground and danced like Egyptians!  

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