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28th March 2019

This week Class 2 have been creating art work about their history topic the Great Fire of London. The children carefully mixed the primary colours red and yellow to create a fiery background and then cut out and arranged black shapes to make a silhouette of the city’s buildings.

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‘Murray the Milkman’

19th March 2019

    As part of world book day  Class 2 and 1 enjoyed a visit  from the author Trovers Orr who read us his story ‘Murray the Milkman’. The children joined Murray and the other characters to find out where the delicious milk that we drink comes from and how it is prepared. The children also got to find out about other types of non dairy milk.

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Moon Buggies

15th February 2019

In Class 2 this week we have been reading the story ‘Bob and the Moontree Mystery’ about an astronaut who makes a surprising discovery on the moon. We decided to design and make our own moon buggies to help Bob and other astronauts explore the moon’s surface further. First we researched and compared how toy vehicles, including buggies, look and move. In our designs we thought carefully about how the buggy would move and what other features it would need. We used old cardboard and egg boxes, as well as other materials, and some wooden wheels and axles to enable…

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Pushes and Pulls

7th February 2019

Class 2 have been making observations about the way things move. They explored the playground environment to identify which objects they could move by applying a ‘pushing’ or ‘pulling’ force. They found some objects could be moved using both forces. Some children also moved their own bodies on the equipment using either a push or a pull.

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17th January 2019

This week Year 2 took part in a drama workshop all about the 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). All the children had fun pretending to be superheros and cleaning up the environment. They had to create their own superhero character and go on a journey around the world planting seeds and picking up litter.    

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History Day – The Victorians

20th December 2018

For our history day on Wednesday Class 2 got turned into a strict Victorian classroom! Lots of the children dressed up as a Victorian child or famous person from that era. We had lots of Florence Nightingales and even an Isambard Kingdom Brunel. We also had a visit from Mr Jobson who wanted to inspect the children’s behaviour. The class had fun role-playing as well as making a thaumatrope (a Victorian toy) and printing our William Morris inspired floral designs.

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Visit to St Andrew’s Church

13th December 2018

For Religious Education this half term, Class 2 are learning about Christianity and the Story of Christmas. To help us learn more we visited St Andrew’s Church on Greyhound Road. Inside we had a mini-tour around the church and learned about some of its features including the Font where babies are baptised. We also listened to The Reverend Lesley Bilinda tell us the story of Christmas.

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Pop-Up Art Gallery

6th December 2018

A big thank you to Matthew Saunders from ‘Magic Lantern’ who came to the school to give some art workshops. Class 2 were able to look in detail at some very important Victorian paintings and talk about all the things they noticed. The children even got to re-enact the pictures and add their own sound effects!       

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Data Collection!

6th December 2018

During this week, maths Class 2 have been exploring different ways to collect and record data. We went to Lillie Road to see how many different types of vehicles passed by our school. We recorded the data in a tally chart and later we put our results into a bar graph. We then created our own questions for each other to answer.  

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Mary Seacole

21st November 2018

In history lessons this week Class 2 have been learning about another famous Victorian Mary Seacole. We used a variety of sources including pictures and books to find out who she was and why we should remember her. In pairs and groups we ordered the main events in her life using words like before, after, later, next and when.  

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