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Patterns, patterns patterns.

In maths this week, Year 1 have been learning all about repeating patterns. We have been learning how to identify a pattern by looking at what is changing (shape, colour size, number). We have also been making our own patterns. Check out the photos!  

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Victorian Games – Year 1

Class 1 have been learning to play some traditional playground games that Victorian children would have played outside. We learnt how to keep a hoop spinning using a stick (Hoop and Stick).  We also learnt to play hopscotch.

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Year 1’s Reading Workshop

Thank you so much to all parents who attended the Year 1 Reading Workshop on Tuesday.  We hope you found it useful. Happy reading! Year 1 Teachers

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RE Day visit from United Sikhs

Class One children learnt about the 5 Ks that Sikhs believe in.  The children have been making kangas (one of the 5 Ks).  A kanga is a special comb that Sikhs use to keep their hair tidy and they carry it with them at all times.   As part of their RE day, Class 2 enjoyed a visit from two members of ‘United Sikhs’ who came to talk to the children about their religion Sikhism. The children found out lots of interesting things about the religion’s core beliefs and ways of life. The children were also able to make some comparisons with other religions including their own.

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