Curriculum Current

We believe an excellent curriculum should:

  • engage and support children to achieve to the best of their abilities
  • be based on best practice from around the world
  • build on prior learning.

We teach boys and girls aged from 2 to 11 who have a broad range of talents, personalities and abilities.

Children are encouraged to value learning and develop aspiration and ambition. Every child is encouraged to believe they can succeed.

We believe it’s our job to support children in making the best possible progress through creating a learning journey that’s exciting, engaging and enabling. Building self-esteem and raising aspirations are essential in this, and a strength of the school.

We believe our curriculum enables children to demonstrate good levels of self-confidence as a consequence of providing them with opportunities for working and playing together, and for taking a lead, expressing views, organising, planning and showing initiative.

Developing life skills such as negotiation, perseverance, communication, listening and assertiveness, form part of every child’s learning journey and are central to our shared values approach.

Our curriculum draws on the latest research relating to effective learning and teaching. It is linked with both the EYFS framework and with the Ofsted criteria for high quality teaching and learning.

Our curriculum accommodates the needs of learners at all stages and at all ages, and aims to develop:

  • successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve
  • confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives
  • responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to the life of the school, local and wider community

Through providing a combination of discrete subject lessons and cross-curricular topics, children develop:

  • key learning and thinking skills, such as communicating, planning, researching, investigating, generating ideas and problem solving
  • key personal and emotional skills, such as taking responsibility, managing their feelings, reflecting, goal setting and persevering
  • key social skills, such as listening and responding, adapting their behaviour to suit different situations, working collaboratively, turn taking, sharing, negotiating and giving constructive support and feedback

Our Teaching Team

Our teaching team:

  • provides every child with memorable experiences and rich opportunities for high quality learning , personal development and wellbeing
  • offers a broad and balanced, coherent and relevant curriculum
  • meets the changing needs of individuals and groups
  • plans appropriately to provide challenging experiences that build on what has been learnt

Use of space

We believe an enabling environment plays a key role in supporting and extending children’s learning.

The classroom and other school spaces are used flexibly and creatively e.g. for role play areas, reading areas, group/independent working areas. We also give children opportunities to link what is learnt inside school to opportunities beyond the classroom door:

  • in the school grounds
  • in the local community
  • by visiting sports facilities, theatres, museums and places of worship
  • travelling further afield to the seaside
  • or taking part in a residential learning experience.

All of these experiences enable us to consolidate and enhance children’s learning as well as offering them opportunities to apply their learning in different contexts.