Class 6 Home Learning. Week beginning Monday 15th June 2020

Hello Year 6!

I hope I find you all well.

Hopefully I will see you all in school soon – if not here is your home learning work for the week.



How about following this workout when we find that the sun is not shining or we can’t get out – can you learn the dance sequence?

Click HERE to learn the house party moves



Here are some basic facts practice sheets



Click HERE for some lessons for this week based on time involving football!



Listen to this story by Michael Morpurgo. You can find the rest of the chapters on you tube – or you can come into school and pick up a copy to read. I will leave some  books at the office in school.



Click Non fiction comprehension and complete.

Click  Earthquakes for comprehension on Earthquakes.



Can you spot and correct all the spelling mistakes? CLICK Spelling

Now click Spelling Sheet Answers to see if you were correct.



Think you know everything there is to know about friction and air resistance?

Watch the video HERE and see what else there is to learn.


Make your own parachutes and find out how they work using a force known as air resistance. Experiment by making a parachute out of paper or fabric or by changing the shape of the parachute from circular to square. Click here for three ways to make a parachute.


Enjoy your new learning.

Hope to see you all soon

Take care

Mrs Daniells.