Class 5 Summer Maths Home learning

Hi everyone!
I’ve uploaded some Maths learning here for you to work on over the summer. It’s really important for us to learn about Fractions, Decimals and Percentages to prepare you for SATS next year. We’ve already worked on fractions so please click on the link to watch the White Rose videos about decimals and percentages and select the link to the worksheet which is right beside the video link.

  1. Decimals up to 2 d.p.        1. Decimals up to 2 dp
  2. Decimals as fractions (1)         2. Decimals as fractions
  3. Decimals as fractions (2)        3. Decimals as fractions
  4. Understand thousandths           4. Understand thousandths
  5. Thousandths as decimals         5. Thousandths as decimals
  6. Rounding decimals                  6. Rounding decimals
  7. Order and compare decimals        7. Order and compare decimals
  8. Understand percentages            8. Understand percentages
  9. Percentages as fractions and decimals   9. Percentages as fractions and decimals
  10. Equivalent F.D.P       10. Equivalent FDP