Class 5 – Home Learning – Week Beginning Monday 29th June 2020

Hello Class 5,


Here is your home learning for the week ahead. Although we aren’t together, don’t forget how proud I am of you and that I’m thinking of you often. I hope you are all still happy and healthy and remember to live and breathe our Normand Croft values – be the best that you can be!


English and Foundation Subjects

Each day, the BBC Bitesize website releases online learning lessons – an English lesson, a maths lesson and another lesson that focuses on other subjects such as science, geography, history, computing and music. Each day, I would like you to complete the English lesson and the other subject lesson. You could also complete the maths lesson but I would like you to access the White Rose maths online learning resources too (see below for information).

As well as completing the English lesson, here are your spellings for this next week. They all contain the suffix ‘ive’:


  • attractive
  • creative
  • addictive
  • assertive
  • abusive
  • co-operative
  • exhaustive
  • appreciative
  • offensive
  • expressive


Learn each word and complete some of these word study activities:


  • spelling pyramids
  • spelling scribbles
  • create a word search for a family member to complete
  • look up each word in the dictionary (you can use an online dictionary) and record the definition
  • write a sentence that uses the word
  • get a family member to quiz you




White Rose will be releasing a daily home learning video for you to watch. Click here to view the videos and make sure you do with a pen and paper as there will be pause points and questions for you to answer which you may want to do working out for. Once you have watched the video, complete the matching worksheet:

Lesson 1 – Measuring with a protractor

Lesson 2 – Drawing lines and angles accurately

Lesson 3 – Calculating angles on a straight line

Lesson 4 – Calculating angles around a point

For more maths brain training, head on over to BBC Bitesize and take part in the daily maths lesson there. If you want to try something that revises and improves your times tables recall, try this ultimate multiplication challenge. You can set yourself a timer such as 5 or 10 minutes and see how many you can complete in that time. Repeat this throughout the week and see if your score improves. Scroll down the sheet for the answers…

Ultimate Multiplication Challenge



Wild Animals Collage Posters Wall Art Prints Home Deco Pictures ...

Visit the London Zoo website and find out all about the animals by reading their profiles and taking a virtual tour. Create a comparison poster about two animals of your choice. Select two that are from contrasting groups: reptiles, mammals, birds, amphibians, fish. How do they compare? Things to consider could be their size, appearance, diet, behaviours, habitats, life expectancy and reproduction cycles.



We’re starting a new book this week called ‘Best Friends’ written by Jacqueline Wilson. Jacqueline Wilson was one of my favourite authors when I was in primary school and her books really are timeless. She is great at capturing the experiences, thoughts and feelings of a range of characters making her stories relatable in many ways.

Monday – Part 1

Tuesday – Part 2

Wednesday – Part 3

Thursday – Part 4

Friday – Part 5


Have an incredible week – I’ll speak to you soon!

Miss Ross