Class 3 Home Learning w/b 9th November

Hi Class 3,


Here’s some home learning for children who can’t come to school this week. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!


For English we are continuing to read our story Jemmy Button. Please click on the link here to listen to the story again and remind yourself of some of the things Jemmy does when he arrives in the new land.

Draw some pictures to show the things Jemmy did when he arrived in England (this new land for him). What did he do/see first, next, then, after and finally?

Before you write your letter, click on the worksheet to help you plan your ideas. Answer the questions in the boxes. Remember you are Jemmy so don’t forget to use I. You can use bullet points to help you record your ideas.

Letter plan

Now you are ready to write your letter. Remember you are Jemmy so write in the 1st person using I.

Start by explain why you are writing. Then tell your parents about all the things you have been doing (using time words – first, next, then etc). Try to tell them how you have been feeling. Use the questions in your plan to help you.

Letter Template


Fr maths this week with are continuing to add and subtract numbers using the formal column method.

Lesson 1


Lesson 2


Lesson 3



We are learning about what life was like for poor Victorians. Read this information about Workhouses in the Victorian times.,the%20elderly%20and%20unmarried%20mothers.


After reading, try to answer these questions