Class 3 Home learning w/b 5/10/20

Hi Class 3

I hope you are doing well. Here is some home learning for those of you who cannot come to school this week.

There’s a link to our new story book this week and some work to do with it. There’s some spelling to practise and some reading comprehension to do

I have included some maths  and science too.

Looking forward to seeing to back at school soon!

Ms Boote



This is our new story this week: Leon and the Place Between

Before reading the story can you look at the front cover and think about the questions.


Now look at the story below


There are lots of interesting verbs in the story which help to describe the actions happening inside the show tent. Check with an adult if you’re not sure what some of them mean.



Now choose some of the more interesting verbs and put them in your own sentences. They could be about Leon and the Place Between or completely your own ideas.

Character description



We are continuing to learn about place value and looking at hundreds, tens and ones. Try these worksheets below:

lesson 1 Find-1-10-100-more-or-less-2019

lesson 2-Compare-objects-2019

lesson 3 Compare-numbers-2019

lesson 4 Ordering-numbers-2019

You can find some teaching videos here- under week 2/3

For mental maths practise complete the daily 10 every day



We are continuing to learn about the main nutrients found in food.

Watch this video clip again:

What foods do you find carbohydrates in?

What about protein, fats and vitamins?

Design your own meal with some different nutrients- label your foods and the main nutrient they contain.

design a meal



We are also learning about the human skeleton- see the activity from last week’s blog.

Watch this clip to learn about exoskeletons and try to complete the worksheet




Complete this reading comprehension

comprehension mars


alternative spelling igh

alternative spelling for ai

Don’t forget to do some exercise while you’re at home

Check out some of the Joe Wicks workouts on Youtube