Class 3 Home learning w/b 2nd November


Hi Class 3

Here are some home learning activities for those of you that can’t come to school this week. We are looking forward to seeing you back next week!



This week we are reading a new story called Jemmy Button. Look at the front cover below and answer the questions.


Have a look at the story by clicking the link. Stop after the first page and complete the activity.



Read/listen to the rest of the story.

Imagine you are Jemmy. How would you feel if you had just arrived in England for the first time after spending all your life living on an island? What would you be thinking?

Complete the activity below describing your thoughts and feelings.

Now, still imagining you are Jemmy and far away from your home and family, write a letter to your mum and dad explaining what you think of this new world and what things you have seen and what have you been doing. How is it different from your home land?


This week we are adding and subtracting numbers using the formal column method.

Watch the video clips and complete the worksheets.

add 2 2 digit numbers

subtract 2 2 digit numbers

add 2 digit to 3 digit numbers



We are starting a topic about the Victorians. In year 2 we looked at Famous Victorians. What famous Victorians can you remember? What were they famous for?

Can you find out how long ago the Victorian era was? Why was it called the Victorians?

We will be learning about the life of local people in the Victorian times, where they lived and how our local area changed during the Victorian times and after. Watch the video to find out how you can recognise whether a building or home was built in the Victorian times.