Class 3 Home Learning – w/b 16th November


Here is some home learning for any children who cannot attend school at the moment. There are some maths, English, History and spelling activities to do.

We miss you and look forward to seeing you soon!

Ms Boote



This week we are learning about newspaper reports and how to write one. Click the link below and watch this video below to find out more.

Complete the activities from the website.

Newspapers should contain facts (real things that have happened) and opinions (what someone thinks about it).

After watching the video clip (on the website above) about fact and opinion complete the worksheet below. You can also look at the powerpoint.

fact_or_opinion powerpoint

fact_or_opinion worksheet


This week are going to be learning about multiplication and division. Hopefully, once you start, you will be able to remember some of the work we did in Year 2.

Mon We are learning our 2 times tables

tues 5 x tables

wed division as sharing

thurs 2 divide

Fri divide by 5


We are still learning about the Victorians and the lives of poor Victorian children. Watch this video to find out about poor children who had to work in factories.

Make a list of all the reasons why children should NOT have to  go to work!


We have been learning about suffixes.

Suffixes are a group of letters that go at the end of a word and change its meaning. Garden = Gardening

Watch the video below and complete the activities.